Green Themes


DESIGN MAXIMIZES LANDSCAPE and replenishes the earth in three ways. By keeping cars at the street green space is increased; land not eaten up by entry roads and parking instead becomes gardens, terraces, and walking paths. Hundreds of new plantings freshen the air and form to the landscapes, including herbs, vegetables, fruit and citrus trees. And rainwater returns to the aquifer as most of the site is porous; gardens, ocean-stone pathways and dry-set paving (paving set in loose sand or stone without concrete) act as drywells. Run-off to the street, which dirties the ocean, is mostly eliminated.


ENERGY AND PUBLIC UTILITY USE of electricity, water and septic, are minimized or eliminated by common sense technologies and design, and on-site infrastructures.


AC use is little needed due to tall spaces with ceiling fans, transom windows at exterior walls and interior doorways, well-insulated construction, and solar shading by porches and window covers. Heat moves up, and cross-ventilation moves it out. On the few days with little wind an assist is given by a heat-release fan at the highest point of the building. Finally, the Roof Terrace of each 2BR Townhome is built to accommodate solar panels.


IN-PROJECT WATER AND SEPTIC SYSTEMS take pressure off public infrastructures, and reduce operational costs. The on-site well reduces public water consumption; and the on-site septic system makes the Townhomes both self-sufficient and ecological. Grey and waste-waters are separated, and waste-waters are treated by two filters to render water that can be re-used in the gardens. The first Biodigestor filter is anaerobic, breaking down the waste-waters through a bacteriological process; and the second conventional FAFA filter removes remaining sediments.


SUSTANABILITY ALSO MEANS PROMOTING HEALTHY LIFESTYLES by creating spaces for physical, social, and contemplative activities. The Community Green, with its pool and lawn, and the network of walkways, create opportunities to, swim, walk, practice yoga, toss a frisbee, or kick a soccer ball. The Green is also a natural gathering place to casually share time with neighbors – or to plan more formal gatherings. On the quieter side, smaller garden spaces and pathways offer benches and stairs for relaxation, reading, and intimate conversations.