LOCATION gives the Townhomes proven, rock solid real estate value.


The Townhomes are just over 200 meters from the Pacific Ocean’s edge, in the leafy and exclusive Talanguera district. The Talanguera neighborhood borders the hills of Pacific Marlin – and these two districts arguably hold the highest and most stable real estate values in the country.


From the Townhome’s hilltop site, the vistas are always accompanied by the rhythm of the surf. A 5 minute walk brings you to the sands of the Pacific – and another 10 minute stroll down the beach brings you to the pedestrian center of San Juan del Sur  – with its charming variety of cafes, restaurants, shops, sports fields, water-sports, and nightlife.


And, there is much history. As a natural deepwater harbor and beach, San Juan del Sur has been a destination for fishing and trade pre-dating the arrival of European explorers, as noted in 1522 by the Spanish navigator Andrés Niño. Once the Pacific port of Continental Crossing until the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, San Juan has hosted generations of visitors, including Mark Twain and Ruben Dario.


Explore the surrounding area of Southwest Nicaragua and the Isthmus of Rivas; the geography and history will continue to impress. Dramatic hills and pristine beaches line the coast north and south, and are renowned for rock formations, surfing, fishing, and sea turtles. Just twelve miles east of San Juan lies Lake Nicaragua and the famed isle of Ometepe. Make a day of it to visit the island and its twin volcanoes, or explore a variety of volcanic lakes, traditional crafts centers, or historic cites.


DESIGN: LANDSCAPE and COMMUNITY, are the foundations of the Townhomes. The heart of the site is a large garden, or Community Green formed around a huge species Guanacaste Tree. Like a Town Square or Latin Parque, Courtyard or Quad – the Green organizes the buildings and spaces that surround it.


Gardens at the Townhomes are much more than a visual amenity; landscape engages architecture, providing a network of gardens and grounds for living.


You can walk, swim, garden, socialize, or relax, in a variety of tropical settings – without ever leaving the site.


DESIGN: Architecture connects you to the landscape. Rooms are designed to frame panoramas with direct clean lines, to flow from inside to out, are filled with natural light, and cooled by ocean breezes. Architectural character results from meticulous construction details using a rich palette of native materials.


The footprint of the buildings is classic Townhome, but the flavor is Tropical Loft. Walk up to the Roof-Terrace for 360% views, but wherever you are in the Townhomes, you can always see, hear, and feel the landscape.


DESIGN: GREEN THEMES translate into physical form at the Townhomes: from minimizing energy and public service consumption; to maximizing landscaped areas; to empowering healthy lifestyles.


Well-insulated construction, tall spaces, solar shading, and natural ventilation with an assist from ceiling fans, mean there is little need for AC and heavy electric use. There is also provision for solar panel installation on the Roof Terrace. Restricting cars to the street edge maximizes landscaped areas, plantings, and pervious surfaces to replenish the aquifer; and an on-site well reduces the use of public water. There is a self sufficient septic system, which separates gray and waste waters, and treats waste waters anaerobically, so that they can be re-used to water the gardens. Productive plantings include herbs, vegetables, as well as fruit and citrus trees.


In a beautiful and historic tropical village on the Pacifc, you can leave the AC off, the car at home, and harvest from garden to kitchen.


DESIGN for EXCELLENCE: No time, expense, or resource has been spared in the design of the Talanguera Townhomes. Designer and Developer Jeff Gordon leads an experienced and talented team of Designers, Engineers, and Builders. Jeff holds degrees in Architecture (Rhode Island School of Design, 85’), and Urban Design (Harvard, 96’), and has extensive experience as a Carpenter and Builder. Jeff has practiced Architecture and Urban Design in New York, Providence, Atlanta, Mexico, and San Juan del Sur; and has taught Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Texas-Austin, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and the Boston Architectural Center.


QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION is paramount at the Townhomes. Every step is Designer supervised, from design specifications, to the inspection and purchase of building materials, to construction. In contrast to other developments in the marketplace, the Townhomes use no subcontractors; all trades are carried out by a hand picked, top notch, full time, on site Talanguera crew, including electricity, plumbing, steelwork, and all woodwork.